What Is Screen Printing?

Shirts are designed with screen printing to convey messages, commemorate an anniversary or for advertising purposes. It is also used to show you ran in a marathon, or to promote your favorite band.

Screen printing is a method of stenciling involving printing ink through a stencil made from a porous mesh fabric stretched on a screen frame. A printing technique, screen printing is the transfer of ink onto a substrate in which a mesh is used. Some areas of the mesh are not ink-permeable by a stencil which blocks some areas.

Squeegees or blades are moved upon the screen, filling the apertures of open mesh with ink. The reversing stroke causes the substrates to be momentarily touched by the screen along a contact link. Thus, screen printing consists of five elements. These are the printing stations, ink, scraper, screen printing plate, and garment.

This causes the garment to get wet by the ink and pullout of the apertures of the mesh as the screen bounces back after the pass of the blade. Multicolored designs and images can be produced by many screens. One color is printed at a time. The same technique has various names. The process was traditionally called silkscreen printing or screen printing because silk was the process used. It is also called serigraph printing or serigraphy. These days, the polyester mesh is popularly used.

We offer a variety of ink techniques.

Waterbase, Discharge, Plastisol, Metallic, Soft Hand, Foil and many more.

Contract Screen Printing & Embroidery

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The wholesale printing and embroidery is ideal for large volumes for resellers, companies promoting their business or events.

We have a simple and easy process of ordering your wholesale printing of custom shirts. When you send us the design by email in the predetermined format, our graphics team will send you a free mockup of your design on the t-shirt.

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